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Legislative Consulting/Lobbying

Rathner and Associates offers full service legislative consulting/lobbying services. From bill drafting to the governor's signature, Rathner and Associates will be there with you to ensure your public policy interests prevail. We also offer legislative monitoring services. This involves a vigilant and experienced lobbyist using various sophisticated tools to alert you to any potential threats or opportunities developing in introduced legislation or the never-ending and dynamic amendment process.  Being blind-sided by legislative changes or missing out on opportunities can be crushing to any business or organization.

Government Relations

Todd Rathner has the long term relationships with the government officials you need to know to further your business, industry, or advocacy issues. Whether you are trying to solve a local issue or enact a state statute, Rathner and Associates has the experience to get it done. 


Rathner and Associates provides campaign management services for issue campaigns. This includes email, social networking, television, radio, direct mail, phone banking, "guerilla" campaign tactics, seminars and events to fully educate legislators, policy makers, editorial boards and the general public about your issue.

Public Relations

Rathner and Associates provides full service "PR" for your firm, organization or issue. We have years of experience with all aspects of the news media. From the New York Times to alternative online news resources, we can get you or your issue the attention you desire. We provide press releases, blog placement, email alerts, and social media leveraging to assist you in getting the word out.