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Rathner and Associates Gets Results:

  • Author of the nations first Knife Pre-emption bill - Passed so far in Arizona, Utah and New Hampshire
  • Passed numerous statutes protecting constitutional rights.
  • Passed tax exepmtions to improve the business environment in Arizona.
  • Improved public land use laws.
  • Worked to improve federal (TSA) rules regarding US citizens travelling internationally.
  • Crafted a bill to reform dog breeding laws in Arizona, without damaging legitimate breeders.
  • Experienced working on complex federal and state land projects
  • Consult on many wildlife issues in Arizona, New Mexico, California and other states.
  • Worked with foreign governments and non governmental agencies on tourism policies.
  • Stopped bad bills which would have increased business expenses and over regulated individuals.
  • Passed Arizona's "Official Firearm" law naming the Colt Single Action Army revolver Arizona's "state firearm".


Please call us at 520-404-8096 to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your public policy goals.