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"Todd Rathner, is a veteran of some of the toughest policy battles at the Capitol ..."

The Arizona Capitol Times, November 23, 2010

"Todd Rathner has always impressed me with the passion and commitment he brings to his lobbying efforts. Todd is a terrific communicator and a good listener, which is a wonderful and unique combination in an advocate. "  

Pamela Gorman - Former Arizona Senate Majority Whip

“During my time in the Arizona Legislature I worked closely with Todd on a number of issues, he is an excellent advocate for his clients and he works hard to make sure every legislator is educated on his client’s issue(s). He leaves nothing to chance by working to get every vote possible. Todd is a top notch lobbyist.”

Jonathan Paton - Former Arizona Senator, Chairman Senate Judiciary Committee

"During the 2010 session we had a bill that was critical to the future of our business, which failed in the House. Someone suggested we call Todd Rathner to see if he could help. It was Easter weekend and Todd agreed to take on our issue even though there was only 2 weeks left to the session. Todd revived the bill and got it passed by the House 44-14, got it though the Senate 20-8 then Governor Brewer signed it.
It is one thing to pass a bill, but to revive a dead bill and get it passed and signed in under two weeks takes talent, contacts, and experience. Todd Rathner has those qualities and brings them to bear for his clients. He is a guy that delivers!"
Lee Bachman - President Tucson Trap & Skeet Club

"Todd is a tireless, experienced advocate who knows how our legislature works."

Andrew Thomas - Former Maricopa County Attorney

"Todd Rathner is the best person to have in your corner.  He knows the legislative process and consistently delivers on significant issues.  He is known for his honesty and integrity, which are the lobbyist’s most valuable assets.  I have worked with Todd for over a decade and he has always been one of my first points of contact for legislative issues. "

Fred Ronstadt - Former Tucson City Council Member

"I have known and worked with Todd for many years on a number of matters and  I know that he is an extremely effective lobbyist. He knows his subject matter and is very effective in convincing people of his position. He does this without making them enemies."

Bob Corbin - Former Arizona Attorney General and a Past President of the National Rifle Association

"Todd  knows Arizona politics better than most. Whats more important ,Todd knows how to operate inside Arizona's political circles."

Larry Craig - Former United States Senator from Idaho