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Many companies, individuals, and advocacy organizations think that they may be able to successfully navigate the political process on their own; after all, they know they have an excellent idea that would serve their industry or their community if only the legislature, city council or the county board of supervisors would simply see the facts.

In other cases, a business discovers that a legislative body is considering a new law that would badly damage their business or cost their interests an inordinate amount of money. Many times, business leaders think that simply explaining their concerns to policy makers will solve their problem. Unfortunately, in these instances, it is almost never that simple.
It takes an experienced Arizona lobbyist who is intimately familiar with the workings of the Arizona legislature, city councils or Arizona's many government agencies to either get good policy enacted or bad policy stopped.

Rathner and Associates has the experience and the relationships you need, we are registered to lobby in Arizona, Utah and Nevada. We are veterans of many successful policy endeavors in the Arizona, Utah and Nevada legislatures.

Contact us today so we can tell you how we can help you with your public policy and Arizona lobbying needs.